Lock out / Tag out System


Midland Industrial Maintenance are very proud to introduce you to our Exclusively Designed Lock Out Tag Out System. The system is designed so that everyone involved in the machine, services or production line shutdown is aware at all times of the personnel working on it.

It offers the best possible protection and safety to those involved as well as zero access to the locked out services. Existing customers who have installed our system have expressed their satisfaction on how efficient and professional the system is.

A member of our Sales and Design team is available on request to demonstrate the Lock out/Tag out system. We can assure you that you will be impressed with its efficiency. Click here for our powerpoint presentation which explains the Lock out Tag out system in detail.

Designating a Lockout/Tagout box to a piece of equipment

designatingLet us start by designating a Lock out Tag out box to a piece of equipment, a production line or in this case an area like a compressor room. The box will be labelled accordingly and within the box will be the locks needed to lock out all the services in that area as well as the lock to secure the LOTO box itself.

Identifying Name Plate

Each hook in the LOTO box will have a identifying name plate which will correspond with the identity engraved on the lock hanging in that position

Lock the Lock out  Tag out box

The lock that will be used to lock the lockout/tagout box will be hanging on the first location inside the box

Who is Responsible for the Box Lock

The box lock is removed from its hanger by the person responsible for the lockout and it is locked on the LOTO box door with a tag which is signed and dated by that person 

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